Peter Partington


Peter has enjoyed a great life and career as an artist and illustrator of the world of nature. He enjoys being out in the landscape with pencil, sketchbook and paints recording the power of wild nature. Boxing hares in the fields in Suffolk, for instance,  never fail to thrill him. He has travelled widely seen Toucans in the Costa Rican rain forest, Tigers on their reserves in India , the vast migrations of Godwits in  New Zealand and the Wildebeest in Kenya. 

Can you share a brief overview of your creative journey, from when you first started pursuing your creative career to where you are now?

Always drew on surplus bits of paper as a child – went to art college eventually after an academic education – worked through the ‘ isms’ [stripes, pop, De Kooning etc.] eventually returning to my love of nature and finding fulfilment in responding and depicting it from working in various media and sketching in the field.

What inspired you to become an artist, and how did you decide to pursue it as a career?

Escaping from tensions in the family and lucky enough to relocate from London as a teenager – being surrounded by lovely landscapes, birds, and spending much time as possible outdoors.

How do you balance your creative pursuits with the practical aspects of being an artist, such as marketing, networking, and financial management?

Easy once when galleries asked for work but confused now by the multitude of outlets available and where to place it

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a creative person?

Feeling lucky to appreciate the natural world about us…

What keeps you motivated and passionate about your craft?

Nature provides an unending source of surprise and enjoyment

What advice would you give to young artists who are just starting out and considering a creative career?

Draw every day – make a daily note of any ideas, notions and projects you may have in mind.

How important is it for artists to find their unique style or voice?

‘Style’ derives from a genuine response to your subject matter. An interest in it and a search to discover what for you is its essence through the medium you are using even if it’s in abstract terms, for instance, it’s the medium itself.

How did you discover and develop your own artistic identity?

By constant practice and in my case drawing and sketching from nature

Can you talk about the role of failure and perseverance in the life of an artist?

Perseverance is the result of remaining alive to the world around us. There’s always a better painting awaiting us. They won’t always be a success.

What are some misconceptions or myths about being an artist that you would like to debunk?

That it is an easy way of life, may be it is for some…

How do you navigate the art industry and find opportunities to showcase your work or collaborate with others?

tried social media with occasional success…

What are some common challenges artists face in terms of recognition and financial stability, and how can they be addressed?

Exposure and marketing

How do you stay connected with other artists and the larger creative community?

The world of wildlife art offers a band of artists who value the publicity of conservation and diversity of nature. we are lucky enough to conjoin often in projects that work towards this ambition. Sometimes we simply meet up to watch birds together for instance and even to hold exhibitions of work together. This is something that not all artists enjoy.

Can you share any tips for artists to market and promote their work effectively in today’s digital age?

Start at a low level – local shows etc. and move on.

How do you approach self-criticism and growth as an artist?

Keep a delight in your subject – work from memory –

What strategies do you use to continually improve your craft?

Keeping at it…

Have you ever experienced creative blocks or periods of low inspiration? If so, how did you overcome them?

Of course – always keep a sketchpad near you – hopefully, you won’t be able to resist sketching or journaling.

Do you believe it’s necessary to have a degree in art to succeed?

Not at all.

Can you share any memorable experiences or achievements in your artistic career that have had a significant impact on your journey?

Getting hold of an etching press to develop my interest in printmaking

Is there anything else you would like to share with young artists aspiring to pursue a creative career?

Keep notes of what you do and explore media – keep fresh !

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